Good Marketing just got better

There was a time when good meant something. When a good person was just that. When a good job meant more than a paycheck. When good thinking had a value greater than gold.  A time when we took pride in doing good, in doing right, in being bright.

Where did it go?

Maybe it was trashed somewhere between empty promises and secret handshakes. Or fed to the corporate dinosaurs who forgot what they stood for. Crushed by the yes, yes, yes men who just hoped you’d follow. Well fellas, you’re not gonna ‘like’ this.

This sold out dream has turned into our very worst nightmare. And friends, it’s time to wake up.

Meet N/A.

We’re bringing back the good. We’re ditching our number 2 pencils, scratching out the check-boxes, burning the CSR reports. We are the non-applicable, the exception to the rule. We are a company that knows the message is bigger than the medium, that to go beyond transparency we’ve got to break the glass, that together we are better, so it’s time to play on the same team.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves and use our heads to fuel new dreams. We treat consumers as our counterparts and clients as our confidantes. All to build brand communication that’s socially responsible and emotionally irresistible.

With us business is personal. And our business is good.